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About Heating

During cold months, you want to ensure that your living temperature is kept warm and cosy. It helps you live comfortably and helps keep away colds and flus. If you are looking to install heating in your home or business, there's a few things to consider beforehand.
  • Think about the size and orientation of the space that the heating is needed. It's important that the unit you install is adequately sized to handle the area that it's going in to.
  • Take account of how you use the area and how long you spend being in it. Is the area is an open plan or do you have areas that can be sectioned or sealed off to contain the heat.
  • If you're considering a total area you may be considering a central heating system, that will heat all rooms whether they are in use or not. For separate living area and spaces you may prefer to opt for space heaters or zoned central heating systems.

Space heaters
These include gas heaters, electric fan forced heaters, electric radiant and convection heaters.

Central heating
These include hydronic heating, electric reverse cycle and ducted central heating.
Wood fire heaters
These include open heath and pot belly stoves.

To make the best use of your area, and ensure that your heating bill is kept to a minimum, your local heating specialist can give you advice and recommendations to suit your situation.